The Grass Is Greener On Our Side!

Fertilizing and Weed Control

We use the very best fertilizers and herbicides available to the market!

Our standard summer program includes 3 applications of fertilizer and 2 applications of weed control. We realize some lawns need extra attention and are able to design a customized program to make your lawn look its best.


  • Fertilizing: We use a premium slow release granular fertilizer that lasts longer than liquid spray fertilizers, giving your lawn a longer green season. All driveways and sidewalks will be blown off to prevent runoff.
  • Weed Control: We use very high-quality liquid weed control products that are designed to rid your lawn of all broadleaf weeds.

Residential pricing averages at approximately $58.00 plus tax.

Please call or e-mail Andrew for a free estimate!

Phone: 612-201-2468